Peacemakers at St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh

beech dowels
sisal string

In August 2022, during two weeks of the Edinburgh Festival, ‘Peacemakers’ offered a quiet, hospitable space, close by an open door, in the Resurrection Chapel of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral. Focussing on peacemaking at a personal and relational level, the interactive installation drew visitors into the simple, contemplative action of knitting on the loom.

When the knitted yarn was cast off, stretched out and measured, it created a single textile piece, 105m long, which was then presented as a temporary intervention.   The line of knitted yarn fell from the rib-vaulted ceiling as a narrow shaft and lay carefully coiled on the stone floor.  After four weeks, it was lowered, rolled into a ball and sited on a ledge at the triforium level of the South Transept.