repurposed roof slates
galvanised wire
cotton thread
clout nail

‘Acquainted with Grief’ was a way of sorrows in fourteen stations.  Over the centuries, the Stations of the Cross have formed part of Christian devotional practice, taking their narrative from both scripture and tradition.  Sited on Good Friday, in the urban environment of Merchant Lane, Glasgow, the temporary intervention was a fourteen piece series, bearing witness to Jesus’ suffering and to the suffering of those around us.

Station I.                                             Jesus is condemned to death
Station II.                                             Jesus takes up his cross
Station III.                                         Jesus falls for the first time
Station IV.                                         Jesus meets his mother
Station V.                                           Simon of Cyrene carries the cross
Station VI.                                           Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
Station VII.                                        Jesus falls a second time
Station VIII.                                         Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
Station IX.                                           Jesus falls a third time
Station X.                                           Jesus is stripped of his garments
Station XI.                                           Jesus is nailed to the cross
Station XII.                                         Jesus dies
Station XIII.                                         Jesus is lowered from the cross
Station XIV.                                         Jesus is laid in the tomb